Cost 500c
Size 4x4
Build (2)Sand (4)Long Bone (4)Wood (4)Stone
Misc Limit of 3
The worksohp is where you make things to maintain your city and make life go smoothly for your citizens.  You can create tools and items relating to city government (and randomly, a bowling ball, but who knows what goes on the halls of City Hall...).  The items that can be crafted in the workshop are as follows.  Click the page links to see in detail the materials need for crafting.  
A - N
Block Has been renamed to Pulley Bowling Ball
Broom Bucket
Calipers Camera
Chisel City Seal
Club Detergent
Dynamite Empty Bottle
Envelope Filter
Fingerprints Flat Bone
Font Glue
Hammer Hoe
Knitting Needles Knocker
Lamp Lens
Magnifying Glass Megaphone
Metal Fixtures Mortar
Nails Needles
O - Z
Official Document Oil Paint
Padlock Paintbrush
Parquet Pencil
Photo Camera Pulley
Radio Receiver Rolling Pin
Saucepan Scales
Spinning Wheel Spirit Level
Spyglass Steam
Survey Tennis Racket
Title Deed Torch
Triangle Wooden Bookcase
Writing Slate