This page is dedicated to any "Timed Quests" that may be released periodically in the game. This is a faster way to find just the information you need to get through the quests before the timer runs out! Tic! Toc! Happy Questing!

Looking for the Timed Expansion Challenges?  Click here for a full list.

Timed Expansion Challenge

Challenge: Lost Items

The Return of Eagles

Fatherly Moustache

Timed Expansion Challenge

Challenge: New Species

World Oceans Day 2017

Competition Between Neighbors

Timed Expansion Challenge

Challenge: The Arrival of Gorillas

The Memorial Day (2017)

Visit The Museums In The Cities

Timed Expansion Challenge

Challenge: Cat Paths!

An Article for Mother's Day

Mexican Week!

Timed Expansion Challenge

Challenge: Four Legged Friends!

Take Kids To Work!

Time to Pay Taxes!

Easter Egg Surprise for Bunny!

Timed Expansion Challenge

Challenge: Rare Animals

Natural Medicine

Good Joke!

Timed Expansion Challenge

Challenge: Colorful Birds!

The Spring Has Come!

Adopt a Gnome!

Timed Expansion Challenge

Challenge: Something Smells Here

Roxanne's Case

Read to Children!

Timed Expansion Challenge

Challenge: Circus Acts!

Carnival 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Challenge: Animal Love

Pizza Day 2017

Groundhog Day 2017

Challenge: Health

  • A series of individual quest challenges each with their own timer. Health Challenges

Year of the Rooster

Penguin Awareness Day!

Winter Feeding

Winter Love Affair

New Year's Challenge

Lost in Time

Challenge: Christmas

Christmas 2016

Challenge: Winter Challenges

Winter Reserves

The Beginning of Winter

Santa Team

Challenge: Christmas Plans

Thanksgiving Day 2016

Challenge: Advisor's Christmas Plan

Philosophers Day 2016

Veteran's Day

Challenge: The Storyteller's Surprise

The Times of Elections


Challenge: Halloween 2016

Halloween is Coming

Water Invasion!

Challenge: Treasure Hunting!

Animal Day 2016


Challenge: Warehouse Clean up

1st Day of Fall

Blues Day

Beauty Challenges?

Challenge:Dreamer's Day

Labor Day 2016

The Three Fairies

World Women's Day

World Humanitarian Day

Challenge: The Mountains

Workaholics' Club

Dwellers in Need

Challenge: Water Decorations

Rockefeller's Sale

Parenthood Day

Challenge: The Storyteller Returns

Summer break

World Population Day

Challenge: Rare Species

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