Cost 400c
Size 4x4
Build (1)Runes (1)Wool (2)Long Bone (1)Hewn Stone
Misc Limit 3
The Studio is where more polished goods are made. No rocks or bricks here.  Only luxury goods and things to make your citizens' lives more comfy.  The items that can be crafted in the studio are as follows.  Click on the links to see in detail the componets to make these items.
A - M
Abacus Aloe
Bamboo Basket Bead
Bonsai Tree Box
Brush Bushes
Butterfly Net Candle
Cashmere Cloth Circus Poster
Clay Dishes Clothes
Costumes Dress
Dyes Earflaps
Earrings Fabric
Flower Petals Flower Vase
Flowers Folding Chair
Folk Records Framed Ornament
Golden Thread Guitar
Ink Jug
Life Belt Map
N - Z
Net Newspaper
Newspaper Stand Paper
Pillow Pot with Lid
Protective Gloves Pruning Shears
Rake Resin
Ribbon Rope
Rubber Sack
Sheet Shoes
Silk Skateboard
Soap Soccer Ball
Sports Sack Stethoscope
Straw Suit
Suitcase Thread
Tie Towel
Toy Vinyl Record
Water Bottle Wicker
Wolf Fang Worms

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