To activate this quest you need to complete the quest: Water Purification 2 of 5

This is a side quest that activates at the same time as Water Purification 3 of 5

I think this is NRC's way of introducing you to "Water Piles" which is the water version of a sidewalk. The Water Treatment Plant can be placed on the water without attaching it to land, as long as you connect it to a Water Pile in place of a sidewalk.

Quest Requirements

  • Deliver (1) Stone Hatchet
  • Cut Down (2) Trees
  • Place a Water Pile (Shop > Decorations > Roads tab - It is actually called a "Water Pile" in the shop)

Quest Reward

  • 3 Experience
  • 500 Coins

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Water Purification Quest Set
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Road on the Water

Water Purification Quest Set

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