Resource Buildings

The following buildings yield one of the 4 main resources in the game, either water , wood , stone or leaves.

Name Resource Obtained
Woodcutter's Cottage 4 Wood every 2 hours Woodcutter's Plain
Sawmill 7 Wood every 12 hours in store after the Port 
Quarry 4 Stone every 1.5 hours provided 
Big Quarry 6 Stone every 3 hours provided
Big Quarry lvl 38 (also called Huge Quarry) 9 Stone every 5 hours in store after lvl 38
Water Treatment Station 8 Water every 30 min provided
Greenhouse 6 Leaves every 10 min. + random +6 water provided

Material Buildings and Features

The following buildings or land features yield crafting materials.

Name Material Obtained
Beaver Dam 1 Wooden Pile every 3 hours provided
Deserted Farm 1 Cotton every 3 hours provided
Diamond Mine 1 Diamond every 5 min (random drop) Provided
Fisherman's Hut 1 Fish+random every 2 hours provided
Gold Digger 1 Gold every 8 hours provided
Haunted House 1 Protective Elixir every 4 hours provided
Hot Springs 1 Sulfur every 12 hours provided
Lizard Jail 1 Long Bone every 2 hours Quest reward
Magic Grove 1 Firefly every 8 hours provided
Marble Studio 1 Marble Block every 6 hours in store 
Mill 1 Flour every 8 hours provided
Oasis 1 Scarab every 6 hours provided
Pirate Ship 1 Sea Snail every 7.5 hours The Arrival of Pirates quest set
Pyramid 1 Papyrus every 12 hours provided
Refinery 1 Crude Oil every 9 hours The Refinery quest set
Shaman's Hut 1 Runes every 5 hours in store
Stone Tower 1 Flag every 6 hours provided
Trapper's Hut 1 Forest Fur+random every 5 hours provided
Volcano 1 Magma Block every 6 hours provided

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