Cost 600c
Size 4x6
Build (1)Clay dishes (2)Eggs (3)Milk (1)Fabric
Misc Limit of 3
No proper city goes without food.  Aubrey the chef brings fine dining to your city.  You have to build her a kitchen to get cooking and baking done.  Eggs aren't just for making clay, you know.  The items that can be whipped up in the kitchen are as follows.  Click the page clinks to see the recipes in detail.  Nom nom nom.
A - G
Basket of Eggs Basket with Products
Bread Butter
Cake Candies
Caramel Cheese Croissant
Chocolate Coconut
Cold Borscht Cookies
Corn with Butter Cottage Cheese
Croissant Donuts
Fig Fruit in Ham Fish Skull
Fish with Pumpkin Flower Nectar
Gingerbread Gingerbread Column
Gingerbread Fence Grape Juice
H - Z
Ham Herbs
Hot Dog Ice Cream
Magic Herbs Medicine
Oil Pancakes
Peppercorns Raw Dough
Salt Sausage
Scrambled Eggs Shish Kebab
Sour Cream Steak
Strawberries with Cream Sugar
Sushi Tartare
Vegetable Salad Yellow Cheese

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