Help buttons are tools that are included in the game to give us direction. These buttons can be very useful to determine what is needed, and/or where to find it.


  • This button give us the option to ask our neighbors for items. Many of these items are limited to 10 in inventory, but there are a few exceptions. For example: stamps are limited to 5 in inventory. Watch your inventory, any extra items that you accept will not be counted.

Forge, Kitchen, Mine, Port, Studio, and Workshop

  • All crafting station buttons will go directly to an item needed for a quest when the station is open. These buttons will remove any confusion about the item needed. For example: Baker's oven or Oven, Camera or Photo Camera.


  • This button is a short-cut to an item in our inventory that needs to be used as part of a quest.


  • This button removes all searching for anything we need to buy for a quest. For example: farm goods, animals, trees, decorations, or buildings.


  • One of our favorite buttons. This button will take you to a crafting station if it is busy, will hunt for creatures that need to be beaten down, and will find items that we already have in our cities.

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