What are goods?

Goods Factory
Goods factory building
Cost Provided
Size 4x4
Build (2) Stone

(2) Wood

Misc Free conversion of raw materials to goods

Goods?  What are these goods eveything wants?  I harvested my crops.  Why can't I use them in the shops?  Well here's the thing, the raw materials that you harvest like crops and animal products can't be used to fill the stores without being processed.  Just as that loaf of bread you buy at the store doesn't come directly from a bread loaf tree, your stores want finished goods from you not raw products.  The good thing about this is all of your raw products can be converted into generic goods that can be used in any of the shops or buildings that require supplies.  All the crops that you plant and all the animals that you tend have goods yield that is shown in the  shop when you hover on them.  Conversion of your raw materials is free once you complete the building of the Goods Factory found in the Northern part of your city.  Roxanne will lead you through the tutorial to do this.

How do I make/use goods?

Goods factory
Goods factory building
You can access the goods factory 2 ways.  Either click on the goods factory in your city or click on any shop or city building that wants goods added to it.  The goods factory screen will pop up and show all the raw goods you currently own.  The number directly below the picture of the materials is the number you have in your inventory and the small print beneath that is the number of finished goods given for one of the item.  Clicking on the item will move them one by one into the goods bag at the bottom of the screen and clicking trade will convert them into finished goods, ready to fill your buildings.  The number of finished goods you own is shown at the top of your game window.  The storage for goods reaches maximum at 10,000.

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