Cost 600c
Size 4x4
Build (2)Stone (2)Wood
Misc Limit 3
The forge is where the creation of the building blocks of your society are made.  Both quests and build requirements are fulfiled here.  Many basic component that go into further crafting are also made here.  The items that can be crafted in the forge are as follows.  Click on the page links to see the materials to make these items.  It will let you view the page that corresponds to the page in your building.
A - K
Anvil Backpack
Baker's Oven Barrel
Bonfire Bowl
Brick Charcoal
Clay Cogwheel
Copper Pickaxe Cutlery
Fishing Pole Glass Pane
Gold Bar Hewn Stone
Hook Iron Hatchet
Key Knife
L - Z
Ladder Oven
Pipe Planks
Plow Pottery Wheel
Roof Tile Safe
Sand Sand Brick
Saw Shovel
Stick Stone Block
Stone Hatchet Stone Wheel
Trolley Turtle Shell
Wheelbarrow Wooden Bench

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