New Rock City has a number of building areas that are automatically open at the start. We call this area the "Landing Zone" and each additional area on the board is called an "Expansion". We must increase our city population, pay coins, and submit permits or official documents to open the additional expansion areas. We can only expand to an area that is next to an already opened area.

There are certain quests that call for us to open particular expansion areas. In this case we may find it useful to know what requirements must be met in order to open them.


Expansion Figure 1 - Hover on expansion areas for information

As you can see in Expansion Figure 1, we can easily see the requirements to open this expansion by hovering our mouse pointer over the area. However if there are un-opened expansions between our open expansion and our goal, hovering our mouse doesn't help.


Expansion Figure 2

As seen in Expansion Figure 2 we are left to wonder our requirements. For this reason we have created the Expansion Maps, the Expansion by List, and the Timed Expansion Challenges List