As you begin your adventures in New Rock City, you will meet a handful of characters that will guide you through growing and developing your city with many series of quests.  Meet some of your main characters here.




Roxanne is the first character you will meet in New Rock City.  She will guide you through the tutorial and give you your first quests.  And also introduce you to her Dad, an experienced mayor from a nearby town.

Roxanne's Dad

Roxanne's Father

Roxanne's father comes to visit your city and after a test or two, decides that you are a mayor worthy of his advice.  He will ask you to build him a home and lead you through quests to expand and build a strong infrastructure for your city.


The Shaman

The shaman will help you through the magic and mystical explorations of your new territory.  He looks out for your citizens' well-being and produces the most necessary Runes .



A mover and shaker in the prehistoric economy.  He's a man with ideas.  Hopefully some of them will even make you money and strengthen your economy.  He'll lead you through building shops to fill with goods.

Hardcore Miner

Hardcore Miner

Hardcore puts the cave in caveman.  He's a local miner who happens to upset the Lizard King with his digging.  Help him out as much as you can.



Pythagoras is all about science and discovery.  Also possibly about things that go "BOOM" and funny smells.  He is happy to be your science advisor.



Aubrey comes to your city to bring you tasty meals including some foods that bring some bonuses.  Time to put all those crops and animals to work.


Lizard King

The Lizard King

Who destroyed Rock City and why?  The Lizard King!  The wants the precious resources and magic of your city and will try his best to stop you from rebuilding.

Lizard lieutenents

Lizards and Pterodactyls!

The Lizard King is not alone he has troops that he will send into your city to halt your progress and drain your energy.  Don't fear the invaders!  Drive them out and get them to drop their loot!  The long bone loot you get from these invaders is actually very useful in building and crafting.

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